During filming, was killed by a famous photographer Yuri holdin

During filming, was killed by a famous photographer Yuri holdinRenowned photographer and publisher of Yuri holdin, the President of Fund "the Frescoes of Rus, was tragically killed last Sunday.Vladislav Filyanova, a spokeswoman for the St. Andrew Foundation, who organized the recent exhibition of the artist Yuri holdin died after falling from the 11th floor during the shooting. On Monday, the Fund reported the widow of photographer.As it became known MK, 50-year-old photographer decided to capture for a new project skyscrapers of business center "Moscow-city". For shooting he chose one of the buildings on the embankment of Taras Shevchenko on the opposite Bank of the Moscow river, offering a spectacular view.At dawn on Sunday, Yuri holdin climbed onto the roof and set up the equipment and began to wait for a moment when most successfully will be light. However. preparing for the film, the photographer tripped and flew down. Читать полностью -->

`Chronicles of Narnia` is to replace `Harry Potter`

`Chronicles of Narnia` is to replace `Harry Potter`In 2008, the first contender in the summer cinemas will be the picture "the Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian", whose premiere is scheduled for may 16, the newspaper "RBC Daily".Thus adaptation of the famous fantasy epic Clive Staples Lewis moves from the category of "Christmas movie" in the "summer blockbuster". It is likely that in subsequent years the project will be a major summer blockbuster, says the publication.Recently, the Studio Walden Media, working on a painting together with the Walt Disney company, said about his plans after the filming of the third part.If Lewis himself issued the series of books "the Chronicles of Narnia" is not in chronological order, the authors of cinematographic project I want to follow in the footsteps of the "Harry Potter" and to achieve the effect of gradual maturation of the characters as the story progresses. Therefore, the second and third films of the "Chronicle" will be cancelled on the books "Prince Caspian" and "Voyage of dawn, or Swimming on the edge of the world".Then Walden Media and Walt Disney are going to film "the Silver chair". A fifth tape, most likely, will be "the magician's Nephew". However, according to the President and one of the founders of Walden Media Cary Granata, the final order of shooting is not approved.Note that the release of two new series of "the Chronicles" is scheduled just at the time when such well-known blockbusters like "Spiderman" and "pirates of the Caribbean" are already on the decline. Against this background, the commercial Director of the company, Buena Vista Sony Pictures Releasing CIS Anton Sirenko no doubt in the success of "the Chronicles of Narnia", which is "good literature base and fantasy-effect, so beloved by the audience.". Читать полностью -->

Semenovich will increase the chest, so again skates

Semenovich will increase the chest, so again skatesStatement of Anna Semenovich about what she's going for the sake of the project "Ice age" to increase your... chest, forced to shudder the whole movie ice!The girl's trainer Ilya Averbukh and her partner Alexei Makarov nearly fainted with the news!- Don't do it, Anya! - in the voice cried Ilya and Alexey.ChestThe program, which S. Makarov and prepare for next Saturday's show, her charms will play a "prominent" role. That's why in training the singer had to take a "chest" of two men.Then they were satisfied! During rehearsals Averbukh Makarov and then tenderly pressed to the prominent part skater, priobnimala, then kissed her. In General, had a blast. Not to say that it's everything they didn't like. Читать полностью -->

10 years ago it was Yuri Nikulin

10 years ago it was Yuri NikulinTen years ago, passed away in public favourite actor Yuri Nikulin.Tuesday, at noon, near the monument erected on the grave of the artist at the Novodevichy cemetery, will meet relatives, friends and colleagues, and numerous admirers of Nikulina, to pay tribute to his memory, ITAR-TASS reported.Talent Nikulina appeared in many genres, but his first love was a circus. He remembered that first went there at age five and was so impressed that demanded my mom to sew a clown costume. Mother saw your child for a serious dramatic actor. But dad was advised to become a clown. In the end, and so it was. For two years he worked as an assistant to the famous clown Pencil, and then his constant partner was Mikhail Shuydin. Читать полностью -->

Asher ran away from the wedding

Asher ran away from the wedding28 year old R&B singer of world renown usher not so bold and in your personal life, as he appears on stage.He ran just a few hours before the wedding with her ex-stylist 37 years Tameki foster, although they have a baby on the way. Close celebrities don't know how to comment on the situation, but there are a few suggestions.Friends of the star say that either he didn't want to mess with a woman who served time in prison, or is afraid of wife feud with her mother. Source: Asher ran away from the wedding. . . . Читать полностью -->

The carefree life of Glucose is over

The carefree life of Glucose is overFlying to the Spanish city of Marbella, Natasha Ionova glowed with happiness. It was here she was going to become a mother.- I was in seventh heaven, " says Natasha. Is a feeling I cannot put into words! I'm flying into a new life she has dreamed of living in a simple house on Prospekt Mira, running around the yard with the neighborhood girls waiting for a Prince on a white horse.This Prince became the singer Alexander Chistyakov. Remembering the first meeting with him, Glyukoza can't help but smile, the newspaper "Life".He was so serious, and I couldn't sit still: all jumped, danced, and laughed with joy says Natasha. Then it seemed slightly boring, but very smart and kind.A year later, young people legalize their relationship and began to prepare for the birth of the heir...- I suffered from very severe morning sickness, says Natasha. - There were days when I literally turned inside out. Читать полностью -->

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